#NaNoWriMo-ing: I’m about 5K into 50K, and it’s all outline.

Priority #1 is — and will always be — work. This week included getting a coding newsletter of doom written, edited, and to the printer. This one was especially difficult because it was chock full of new CPT codes. I also had to do some freelance work which included, and I kid you not, Zoroastrianism. Both projects turned out well, and I’m on to less pressing tasks.

This afforded me some time to work on Book 2 tonight, and my words have mainly not been narrative. They have been outline words. I’m a firm believer in outlining.

While I already have some content in the works for Adamant: Scourge of Stalfos, I want to have a working outline that takes me from page 1 to the very last page. Why? Because it allows me to do fun things as the author, like foreshadowing and symbolism. I use the outline as my manuscript’s bible, but it can — and has — changed during the course of writing (as in the case of Book 1).

I’m submitting 5 pages of it to my weekly writing group to get some feedback, as some of my POVs (I feel) need some beefing up. I’m excited to see what feedback they’ll give, because they sometimes give me invaluable ideas. I’m looking at you, as-of-now-underground-Sporting-Rings.

In the meantime, I’ll start working on some actual chapter content this weekend!


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