Hello from the sickbed

So, I survived Thanksgiving at my house and a work/fun trip to Orlando, despite a trip to the ER. Now I’m sitting bundled up in a blanket with a veritable sea of tissue boxes around me and a mountain of work to do.

I’m sad to say I did not complete Nano. I was full steam ahead on Book 2, until I got a rejection of Book 1. That took the wind out of my sails. I tried to switch projects, but plenty of real life business got in the way — as it always does this time of year (as in, CPT 2012 updates and five freelance articles and the December CodingCon conference in Orlando). Plus, I’ve been various degrees of ill. I’m not a fan of excuses, but I’m giving myself a break on this one.

I was productive in the reading department. I read The Name of the Star, Divergent, and am making headway on Among Others. Certainly in a YA mood.

In any case, I’m hoping to be well enough to go to my writing group Tuesday night, despite not submitting anything in ages. I need some writing inspiration!


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