Working with my Hands

Hello, 2012! Please, please, please be a good year!

So, while I have work and freelance gigs over my head, my parents and I have been redoing my half-bath. This involved buying MDF boards and lattice strips at Lowes Friday night, followed by sawing and nailing Saturday (Dad’s power saw was on my front porch and aroused much curiosity from the neighbors), followed by corrections and priming/painting today. The primer is drying as I type this.

I am sort of a Harriet Homeowner. I know how to paint, wallpaper, and so on. I enjoy working with my hands after spending so much time on the computer. I’m also a little obsessive about my house. For instance, I finished scanning in my DVD collection (598!) and put them back according to cover color. So, Mom’s idea of doing this to my bathroom was well received when she proposed it.

I did turn in my writing submission for writing group this week, and I finished reading Wither, which I really enjoyed. I’m coming to the conclusion that while I want to do other projects, my heart is still on my fantasy epic. I should just write Book 2 for the hell of it. Who cares. It’s what I enjoy, and my friends are fans — even if I don’t find a publishing home for this. :-/

That’s all for now! Check out these pictures of the half bath project!



And then the first coat went on. We will have to do the second coat tomorrow.





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