2012 Summary — And Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’m coming to you from the upstairs bedroom of my parents’ house. Today is my mother’s birthday, and to pseudo-surprise her, I’m staying overnight. I have an ulterior motive, however. Tomorrow morning, I am taking my sweet little dog to the vet to have a bladder stone removed. This is an open abdominal procedure, and he will have (most likely) a long recovery. That probably means I will be a tearful mess ala 8:30am. I just knew I couldn’t drop my terrified pup off at the vet overnight without a little support.

My dog’s sickness comes after a dying fridge debacle — which included the drama of a new delivered fridge breaking within three hours of said-installation — and a completely shattered half-bath mirror. As in, I opened the door and found myself staring at shards of mirror in the sink and all over the floor. I just … closed the door and ignored it for awhile.

I’m a singleton, so everything I do, I have to support myself. Nothing makes me more upset than when I cannot pay for something. My dog’s surgery is … hella expensive. Add on top of this the likely tax bill I’m going to get, because even though I’m by no means rich, I make too much for a single person. Does that make any sense? Then, the cherry on top is that glaring, yellow maintenance light that’s flashing in my car. With my luck, I have no doubt that will result in some enormous bill.

For about a week, I enjoyed being accepted to the Algonkian NYC Pitch Conference, which required an application. I had this elaborate dream of spending my birth-month doing something pro-active for my book … but that was before I got slammed with these expenses. I have no room in the budget for a trip to Manhattan. The good news is that I was told I could attend a later conference this year without having to reapply. That gives me time to save, because despite these setbacks, I refuse to go into debt.

So anyway, this has launched me into quests for freelance work. (If anyone knows of any, please let me know!) Right now, I have several irons in the fire, per se. Hopefully I can do my already exhausting regular job – and then do these additional jobs on the side to take care of all these expenses. Sigh.

But hark! What is that light on the horizon? I’m having some exciting work done on my house next week. Pictures I’m sure will follow.

And the really good news? Today, I got a request for my manuscript from a fairly prestigious agent. No doubt I will be scrambling to revise the book … yet again … in the coming days. You know, with all that free time I have?

But after attending a brand spanking new book club this week and submitting a ridiculous(ly fun) project for my weekly Triangle Writing group, I’m trying to tell myself that maybe I’m getting over the initial hump of 2012. Hopefully things will be much smoother in the coming days! Wish me luck, and pray that my little dog swiftly recovers from his surgery.


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  1. Congrats on the request! Crossing finger you, your book and the agent will be a perfect match 🙂

    Hope your dog’s surgery goes well. I know how that us, they are part of your family and as such, it’s tough to decline surgeries we wouldn’t even spend on ourselves in some cases. My family jokes about the awesome trip to Hawaii we could have had for all we spent on our last dog.

    Take care and keep focused on the bright side. The rest is just life reminding us how fortunate we are 🙂

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