Current Project:

The path to power is never reliant upon one person’s will alone. That is the premise behind my epic fantasy saga, Adamant.

The island continent of Nosthaena is divided into two countries. Rooted in the frigid, mountainous North is the warrior nation of Stalfos, ruled by the Adamant, its venerated leader. Elsinaire claims the prosperous South. Here, a tree is worth more than gold, and a common tavernkeep must have a flame license to light his hearth. Twenty years ago, the Battle of Toc decided ownership of Nosthaena’s prized forests, and the ramifications of that day still threaten the precarious peace between Stalfos and Elsinaire.

Some believe the Protectorate of the Borderlands, the elusive Melandor Ormonde (called “The Ormonde”), is the most powerful man in Nosthaena — greater even than his friend, the Elsinairian king.

In the first book, Adamant: Enemy of Elsinaire, an invitation to a royal gala honoring the Battle of Toc arrives, and The Ormonde allows his two daughters, who have lived in total exile thus far, to attend. News of their existence stuns the world.

Old secrets start rising to the surface as soon as these sisters arrive. Soon, the girls’ destinies intertwine with the spoiled Elsinairian prince, a power-hungry seductress, a first generation Stalfen slave questioning his loyalty to a land he’s never seen, and a tattooed outlaw seeking redemption at any price — even civil war.

Fans of epic fantasy will be hooked as Elsinaire is thrown into upheaval by an assassination attempt, a slave revolt, a tragic death, and an unlikely rise to power.

In the second book, Adamant: Scourge of Stalfos, the dust of City Throne’s slave revolt has all but settled. The Princess of Elsinaire, Aiglentine Ormonde, gains in popularity despite how her princely husband, gone for the past six years, is absent. Her lordly father — the second most powerful man in Elsinaire — remains estranged in the Borderlands.

However, not everything is what it seems. Behind her glittering costumes and official royal functions, Aiglentine is part of a network of spies. Wanting to fulfill the promise she made the last living Palace slave, her friend, Caius Raynor, she assumes alternate identity and puts her own life at risk to find him in the treacherous Slave Pits.

His release sets off a chain of events that will transform Elsinaire — and Aiglentine — forever. Stalfos attacks Elsinaire from within, the Prince returns with a menacing army of his own, and a damning secret comes to light with the power to ignite a savage war between husband and wife — and lifelong friends.

I have an international M. Phil. degree in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin and incorporate Irish themes in my story. I look forward to hearing from you!

Future Projects:

  • To Galileo, From Prison, a 17th century historical romance
  • The Ladies of Baltimore Street, a historical fiction account of the main street in Gettysburg during the Civil War battle
  • The Relic Reader, Southern Goth+YA … do I need to say more?

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